The residential areas at Washington University in St. Louis consist of the “South 40” and the “North Side”.  The South 40, located directly south of the Danforth Campus, consists of twenty two residence halls.  Beautifully landscaped areas surround the residence halls and provide guests with grassy areas to play frisbee, hold outdoor gatherings, or simply enjoy the fresh air!

The North Side, located at the northwest corner of the Danforth Campus, is home to upperclassmen during the academic year.  Housing options are much more varied on the North Side than in the South 40.  The Village residence halls are located on the North Side along with on-campus apartments which include Village East and Millbrook Apartments.  During the summer, Millbrook pool is a popular spot to enjoy the summer weather.

The residence hall rooms are furnished with a twin bed (Village East rooms contain a full bed), dresser, desk and chair, closet, and telephone.  The furnishings provided vary between buildings.  Linen packages are available for a small fee and include a pillow, a lightweight blanket, two sheets, two towels, two washcloths, and a bar of soap.  Please see the FAQ portion of our website to learn more about what to bring for your stay at Washington University in St. Louis.

Floor Plans

Modern dorms comprised of suite-style rooms that share a bathroom.  Each floor has a common area and kitchen.  Each building has a laundry room.
Lien                       Umrath 
Gregg                   South 40 House
Dardick                Park
Nemerov              Mudd
Thomas Eliot       Liggett
Danforth               Koenig
Shepley                Village House
               Lopata House
Eliot B House


Traditional dorms comprised of suite-style rooms that share a bathroom.  The ground level has a common area and laundry room.


Traditional dorms comprised of suite-style rooms that share a bathroom.  The ground level has a full kitchen and laundry room.
Hurd                     Dauten
Myers                  Rutledge



Traditional dorms comprised of single, double, and triple rooms.  Each floor has one male and one female community bathroom.  The ground level has a common area with a television, kitchen, and laundry room.


Apartment style accommodations comprised of 3-4 single rooms in each apartment.  Each apartment has two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and a living room.  The lower level has a laundry room and vending/ice machines.  There are common areas on each floor.
Village East


Millbrook apartments are comprised of 3 – 8 bedrooms, a shared living room, kitchen, and 1-2 bathrooms.  Millbrook #1, Millbrook #2, Millbrook #3, and Millbrook #4 have a laundry room in the basement of each building.
Millbrook Apartments