SPCS welcomes WashU students only for summer school housing. Housing will not be offered to non-WashU students in summer 2021.

All summer residents will be required to take a COVID Community Pledge and complete a short course prior to checking in to their summer room assignment.

Summer residents that are not fully vaccinated against Covid-19 are asked to quarantine and significantly limit their interactions with others in the 14 days prior to departing for St. Louis for the start of the summer semester.

All summer residents who are not fully vaccinated against Covid-19 at least two weeks prior to their summer check-in, will be required to receive entry testing on May 24th. You will be required to quarantine, meaning to significantly limit their interactions with others, in your summer housing assignment until your test results are returned to Habif Health & Wellness. This may delay the start of your in person summer school lab/course. For those checking in after June 1st, Habif Health & Wellness will offer entry and diagnostic testing on the Danforth Campus to those exhibiting symptoms and who have been exposed, Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.


Residential Life Announcement: Summer Housing Information

  • If you are seeking Summer Housing for summer school, intern, or research, please find information here. Summer housing is led by the Summer Conferences office. 
  • Approved for Summer Housing and Need a place to stay until you transition:
    • If you are approved for summer housing by the Summer Conferences office and in need of a Late Stay in between the close of residence halls and the start of your summer housing, you can request a late stay through our office. You must be a current residential student and approved by Summer Conferences to request a late stay. There will be a $50/night charge during your interim period. This option is available only for residential students.
  • Not Approved for Summer Housing and Need a place to stay for the summer:
    • If you are not enrolled in an intern/research program, summer school, or are not approved for summer housing by the Summer Conferences office, complete a Late Stay Request by the deadline and await approval for the Residential Life office. There will be $50/night charge for all approved late stays into summer. Approved Late Stays may be asked to move into temporary housing to accommodate facility needs.

Summer School Housing will be available to students 18 years or older in Liggett House.

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Summer School Housing Dates

  • May 23-August 20, 2021. No Exceptions. 
    Click Here for Res. Life Late Stay & Early Arrival Information
  • Only students enrolled in the 4th summer school session and are registered for summer school housing are allowed to stay past August 6th. These students will be required to  transition to their fall housing on August 11, 2021. If your fall assignment is not available or you are living off campus for the fall semester, you will be placed in temporary housing.

Summer School Rates

  • $33.00/night for a single bedroom
  • $31.50/night for double bedroom.

All Summer School Housing for WashU students will be billed to students’ accounts.  

Summer Room Assignments

  • Specific building and room requests cannot be accommodated
  • Students will be notified of their summer housing assignment in early May
  • All bedrooms will be assigned to students at random unless a mutual suitemate/roommate is requested 
  • All random assignments will be made according to gender

Summer Dining

  • Dining is available in the Danforth University Center on the Danforth Campus 
  • Campus dining accepts cash or credit card or meal points or Bear Bucks which can be added via your Webstac account

Summer Parking

  •  Summer parking passes will only be permitted to park in their designated garages/lots.
  • Click here for more information about summer parking passes

Summer Housing Cancellations

You may cancel your reservation by completing a Summer Housing Reservation Cancellation Form

Failure to cancel your reservation 5 business days prior to your scheduled check-in will result in a $200 fee.

Registration for Summer School Housing for 2022 will open in the spring.


For additional information regarding summer school housing please contact Tiffanie Fleschert at tfleschert@wustl.edu.